Optimize Your Packaging

The FPC Way

Gain an advantage over your competition by optimizing your supply chain management and utilizing our team of packaging professionals who will care as much about the success of your products as you do.

The Big Picture

Our mission is to act as your packaging department, be as close and reliable as your most dedicated employee and grow your bottom line by equipping you with innovative and cost-effective packaging products and services.

Focusing On Your Needs

Through close communication, including weekly meetings and the free flow of information between your company and ForeFront Packaging, we prevent problems, maintain low inventory levels, and provide flexibility far beyond the scope of any direct manufacturer.

  • Business Never Stops. Neither Do We.
    As a leader you know this better than anyone: The pace of change in business today is faster than it has ever been. This includes inventory management, logistics, and packaging – just to name a few elements. Our position in the industry allows us to adapt and evolve as more cost-effective, efficient, faster, and more brand-enhancing systems and materials are developed.
  • Pain Relief
    You didn’t get into business to innovate supply chain management. With more than 20 years of experience and dedication to equipping our customers with the best solutions to meet their strategic goals, we are ideally positioned to handle your packaging requirements, freeing up your team members to focus on your core business.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Supply chain problems create ripple effects through your business. Because we are solely dedicated to your business and its needs, we are positioned to anticipate potential problems and prevent their occurrence. Further, ongoing quality improvement is a fundamental principle at ForeFront Packaging.
  • Anticipating Your Business Needs
    With a highly qualified team of supply chain professionals, ForeFront Packaging is able to monitor, manage, and maintain all of your inventory at three locations – our plant, our warehouse, and your plant. We proactively prevent problems and are able to immediately react to sudden changes in your market.
  • Unparalleled Customer Support
    Agile business practices demand the highest levels of internal and external support. ForeFront Packaging support is there when you need it. From package design and logistics to supply chain management and warehousing, we are available to deliver the real-time answers, services, and insights you need for success today and tomorrow.
  • Return On (Your) Investment
    ForeFront Packaging clients have some huge advantages: They deliver their products more efficiently, avoid costly errors, and have one-stop access to the latest systems, designs, and materials. Add these up and it equals more bottom line profits that can be reinvested into their company or distributed amongst the owners and investors.

What Sets Us Above The Rest

ForeFront becomes your packaging department, providing innovative solutions for every aspect of your packaging inventory, including material sourcing, warehousing, and logistics, so you can focus on building your business.

What Our Customers Say


Kelly K.

Director of Purchasing – Chicago Wholesale Bread Manufacturer 

“We have weekly on-site meetings to help prevent any surprises, which allows me to focus on my other projects.  ForeFront Packaging has been one of our main suppliers for over 20 years.  They are a trusted partner that manages our packaging business better than we could.”

Meredith L.

Director of Purchasing – Chicagoland Tortilla Manufacturer

“They are easy to work with, proactive and very responsive. ForeFront Packaging makes us feel important as a customer. They are on top of their game.”

Pamela B.

Director of Purchasing – Chicago Food Manufacturer 

“ForeFront Packaging allows us to operate with lower overhead by providing a multitude of products and services. They are more responsive then the other suppliers that we work with directly. They manage everything, are competitive and they are very reliable. They are a very valuable partner to our organization.”

Like to Know More about Our Packaging and Logistics Services?

We have comprehensive services that will help streamline your packaging design, warehousing, and logistics processes. Contact our supply chain experts to get started!