Optimize Your Packaging

Food manufacturing can be a complex business, and managing inventory levels is no exception. Recently, a food manufacturer found themselves burdened with surplus stock. Unforeseen circumstances led to an overstock situation, disrupting their supply chain, frustrating their warehouse staff and negatively impacting their profitability. They needed a swift resolution to free up space and get their inventory levels back on track.

ForeFront Packaging offers a streamlined approach to packaging and logistics. We proposed storing the excess inventory in our warehouse, leveraging our expertise in storing and managing inventory levels. By utilizing our warehouse, the food manufacturer gained several advantages:


  • Space Optimization: The food manufacturer freed up valuable warehouse space, reducing clutter and enhancing overall efficiency in the facility.


  • Cost Savings: The food manufacturer avoided the need for additional storage facilities or investing in infrastructure by leveraging the supplier’s warehouse.


  • Streamlined Inventory Management: The packaging supplier employed their inventory management ERP customized for food manufacturing industry, allowing our customer to reduce their spend on excess inventory and have more insight into the quantities needed, saving money.

With their excess inventory safely stored in our warehouse, the food manufacturer swiftly resolved their overstock challenge. They now have a designated account manager in communication with each plant, collecting stocking level data for our algorithm that will accurately predict usage so they always have what they need when they need it. This collaboration offered practical and proactive solutions, paving the way for a fruitful long-term partnership.

ForeFront Packaging designs and implements packaging and supply chain solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save money. If your business is looking for a customized packaging supply chain solution, please contact us to learn more at info@fpcpack.com.