Optimize Your Packaging


Celebrities are most often known for their performances on the court, stage or silver screen, but did you know many of them have forayed into the world of food and beverage? You will often see the stars endorsing various products on TV, but these few have decided to take it a step further and create their own brands and products. Let’s see if you can connect the celebrity to their brand!

1.       Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries

2.        Kristen Bell, from Frozen and The Good Place

3.       Dexter Holland, frontman of The Offspring

4.       Sarah Michele Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5.       Kendall Jenner, Runway model and Kardashian Family Member

6.       Nick Jonas, 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers

7.       Snoop Dogg, rapper and the OG king of cool

8.       Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player

9.       Patti LaBelle, Grammy-winning icon

10.   Travis Scott, rapper and Kardashian-ex

11.   Jennifer Garner from Alias

12.   Jon Bon Jovi, 80s rock star and heartthrob

13.   Derek Jeter, CEO of Miami Marlins

14.   Bethenny Frankel, overrated reality star

15.   Beyonce and Jay-Z, and you definitely know them

16.   Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls Allstar

A)      Gringo Bandito Mexican-style hot sauce

B)      Brother’s Bond Bourbon

C)      Patti’s Good Life baked goods

D)     CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer

E)      Skinnygirl alcohol, snacks and dressing

F)       818 Tequila

G)     Bongiovi Pasta Sauces

H)     Bespoken Spirits

I)        Foodstirs organic baked goods and kits

J)        19 Crimes Cali Blend wine

K)      This Saves Lives granola bar company

L)       Once Upon A Farm organic baby food

M)    Sugarpova Candy Company

N)     22 Days Vegan Nutrition Plan

O)     Cincoro Tequila

P)      Villa One sustainably-sourced tequila


  Answer key: 1-B, 2-K, 3-A, 4-I, 5-F, 6-P, 7-J, 8-M, 9-C, 10-D, 11-L, 12-G, 13-H, 14-E, 15-N, 16-O