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The Child, affectionately known by fans as Baby Yoda, has been showing up everywhere since The Mandalorian went viral on Disney+ last year. He’s popping up in memes, dog costumes, every accessory at Hot Topic, and now you can drink him— well, his tea, that is!

The Republic of Tea has (no doubt expensively) partnered with Lucasfilm to create a limited-edition Star Wars: The Mandalorian tea collection. These resealable tin canisters feature three of the series’ most popular characters in designs that slightly remind me of the stylized stencil portrait of Obama by Shepard Fairey back in 2008. The Mandalorian is featured on “mysterious black tea,” perfectly caffeinated for fueling your bounty-hunting exploits. After a hard day of fighting for the Rebellion, Cara Dune unwinds with the tropical flavors of her warrior herb tea, and last, but certainly never least is the Child himself. Everybody’s favorite baby alien focuses his signature adorably-pathetic gaze towards his helmeted protector on his canister of, what else, green tea.

These highly-colored designs will certainly win over any Star Wars fan in your life. It’s really a two-in-one gift; the best part about unique promotional packaging is that you get to keep it and reuse it! These airtight tins would be ideal as a portable snack container or for storing herbs and are also tall enough for pens and other craft supplies—there are unlimited options for this container. Their website even provides on article on ideas for upcycling: Link

If I were to buy one, I would go with Cara— I like the color teal and fruity teas that need no sweetener. Plus, my feminist heart always roots for a strong female character who breaks gender norms! You might have guessed, but I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan. I personally find the Child rather irksome— his perpetual expression is as if he soiled his tunic and is somehow repentant and smug at the same time. I cannot deny, however, that these tins are great examples of superior packaging design… I just hope they come out with a Harry Potter collection next. Accio rooibos chai!

-Crystal Skipworth

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