Optimize Your Packaging

I can’t believe this was invented 6 years ago, and I only learned about it last week. Can you imagine a world with no food waste?! With this invention, we could get closer than you think, and I am baffled that there hasn’t been more press about it.

Aidan Mouat is the co-founder of Hazel Technologies, makers of a small sachet that prevents fresh produce from spoiling. Founded in 2015, it offers a simple solution to the food-spoiling issue. By placing a sachet in a box of produce before shipping, it slowly releases vapors specifically created to slow down the spoiling process, increasing the shelf life by up to three times. (TRIPLE THE SHELF LIFE!)

It’s only the size of a sugar packet, and is completely revolutionizing the way farmers do business. Spoiled food contributes to the 130 billion pounds of food Americans throw out per years, amounting to more than $160 billion and 31% of the country’s food supply. Just adding this one little pouch to the box, the food literally lives longer. It is like the elixir of life, but for fresh food.

Mouat estimates that the company prevented 270 million pounds of food waste in 2020, a figure he expects to double this year. What if it doubled every year after that? Can you imagine the possibilities? Sustainability can be so exciting! Just yesterday FPC got in some new samples of cardstock that are completely compostable and recyclable. We are constantly sourcing new materials to provide the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our customers. If that sounds like you, we should chat. (No, seriously, in addition to writing blogs, I also answer the phone here.)