Optimize Your Packaging

Researchers from ParentsandBrands recently polled 500 parents about their buying choices around food packaging. A whopping 85% of parents said that packaging was the first thing they notice about a product, and that great packaging creates great expectations of a product. If you impress them from the start, they are likely to carry those great expectations all the way to the check out line, but the study illuminated other key insights about what they buy and why. Check out their infographic and our takeaways below!

Key recommendations for brands:

-Knocking your packaging out of the park gives your product the greatest chance of success. It is your thesis statement, your ‘elevator pitch’ that conveys what your brand is all about. Stand out from the crowd, grab their attention and they will naturally purchase! Remember, 85% of parents said if the packaging is great, their expectations are just as high.

-Parents want to support a more sustainable lifestyle, so make it clear and easy for the buyer to see when your packaging is biodegradable, sustainable, or recyclable. 62% of parents felt it was on the food brands to make their packaging as sustainable as possible, and 53% would choose one product over another if it had sustainable packaging.

-Almost all parents consider their children’s nutrition when buying their food, so make sure to showcase your ingredients in an eye-catching yet powerful way. 90% of parents read the nutrition label when shopping for their kids. Does your product use real fruit? Say so on the packaging! One brand from my childhood comes to mind- Juicy Juice. I can’t help but remember it’s 100% juice because it has always been front and center on every label.


Whether or not you’re a parent, most consumers have children, and brand owners need to see through a parent’s eyes to recognize what’s important to them when shopping for their kids. Once you’ve connected to your customer’s values, you just need to ensure their packaging reflects that. Want to talk it through? Give us a call today for a no-obligation review of your packaging and processes.