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FPC was proud to exhibit for the first time as new members of the Tortilla Industry Association at their annual convention. This year’s show was hosted at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, and drew hundreds of the biggest players in the tortilla manufacturing industry. We showcased our supply chain packaging solutions at our booth, and I interviewed our lead project manager Nathan to get his take on the event!

So, Nathan! How was TIA?

It was really great! (laughs)

What was your favorite part?

As with all shows, I love meeting new people and having conversations. We met lots of nice families at the show. Because the last couple of years have had an unusual number of challenges, the conversations at TIA this year were very different from previous years.

How so?

Well, often when we ask business owners how things are going, they say, “Oh, everything’s fine,” or something similar, and because of Covid, every single person has been dealing with something out of the ordinary. From freight delays to material shortages to logistics headaches, there was a lot to discuss! It’s really satisfying when you have a solution for a problem that someone has been dealing with that they didn’t know could be fixed.

Sounds like everyone was really nice!


WHAT? Who hurt you?! I will come for them!

(laughs) One guy laughed and said we were just brokers, and I calmly walked him through it. I asked if a broker would help him design his artwork, or help with a freight delay. He realized quickly that being a hybrid supplier is a whole different thing!

Did you learn anything new about the tortilla industry?

I learned that we will probably see some new plant-based tortillas on the shelves before the end of the year. I heard about one that will be made with cauliflower!


Yeah, I thought so.

The last time I interviewed you about Las Vegas, you said you usually stay at Paris Las Vegas. This year’s TIA show was at Planet Hollywood. How was that hotel?

Awesome! There are a lot of great restaurants; I ate lunch twice at Gordon Ramsay’s burger restaurant. I had a nice view of the Bellagio fountains and the Eiffel Tower from the window of my room.

Would you recommend attending the TIA show?

Definitely! It’s a must for anyone in the tortilla industry. All the big players are there.

Sounds great. Thanks for your time, Nathan!

Of course!


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