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Packaging Digest recently highlighted 12 of the best new beverage can designs, and far and above, my favorite is the Sketch Can from Tickle Water! Tickle Water is the first sparkling water on the market created specifically for children and “tweens.” There is a lot to love about the can already, as it is brightly colored, plastic-free, and capless, but the Sketch Can is the first and only can with a personalization space. By providing a blank CAN-vas, they invite Tickle fans to draw on the can and share their sketch with a social media hashtag, which feeds perfectly into the TikTok creator culture that surrounds these young people every day. Incorporating consumer engagement into the design itself is brilliant! 

Check out the other designs that made the list here: https://www.packagingdigest.com/beverage-packaging/12-newfangled-beverage-can-designs/gallery?slide=1