Optimize Your Packaging

ForeFront Packaging was grateful for the opportunity to exhibit our packaging and supply chain solutions at the BakingTECH2023 Marketplace. Our leadership team has been a part of the baking industry for over 40 years, and while this was far from our first time attending, it was the first ASB experience for Erik and me. Here are our takeaways!

Known as “the best week in baking,” BakingTECH2023 is a trade show designed to connect bakery owners and industry leaders with educational sessions, networking events, and an interactive marketplace. Attendees and exhibitors included employees from bakeries, consultants, engineering firms, publications, ingredient companies, and equipment companies. If you missed our flyer, you can view it here. 

Erik volunteered with the Baker’s Club of Chicago to support one of the informational sessions, which provided the opportunity to meet people across the industry and network with industry leaders in a relaxed, social environment. He prioritized taking advantage of the copious educational events and attending as many presentations and podcasts as possible. Erik’s favorite speaker was Jerrod Adkins, the founder and CEO of UnbelievaBuns. He shared his quest to find a healthier bread option in his presentation, “The Future of Bread & Meeting the Dietary Demands of Today’s Consumers.”

Exhibitors in the Marketplace had small booths to present solutions to challenges in the baking industry, and Erik and I both found it to be a positive and engaging experience! I was astonished at the diversity of the organizations present. The exhibited companies represented the entire baking process from beginning to end: from mining for ingredients, ensuring production machines are properly lubricated, and logistics and supply chain management. I was also impressed to meet retired attendees who came to the show to reconnect with old friends from the industry. There was a palpable sense of community at the event!

Overall, we found ASB’s BakingTECH2023 tradeshow to be a productive and engaging experience. If you are interested in attending or exhibiting, here are our recommendations:

  • Register to attend or show as early as possible! Many exhibitors are regulars and select their tables months in advance, and tables near the Bread Talk stage will be the most coveted.

  • Take full advantage of the Whova event app! The app will have a full show schedule, and you can invite attendees to network events or meetings and set up a company profile if you are exhibiting.

  • Plan your day before you go. All registered attendees will know who is presenting, exhibiting, and attending in advance, so take the time to review what will be available to get the most out of your experience.

Forefront Packaging is a hybrid supplier that operates like an outsourced packaging department. If you require packaging or supply chain solutions, learn more and contact us through our website, or please email info@fpcpack.com, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.