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Humans are fickle creatures. Our tastes change as quickly as CDC guidelines. Remember the Cronut? (Whatever happened to that?) How about all the talk about avocado toast, the token snack of millennials? I remember a few limited-time-only fast-food items that were clamored after one minute and gone the next— like knock-off chicken sandwiches or those black burger buns from Japan with fascinating digestive results.

As random as the popularity of certain foods and ingredients may seem, there is actually a bit of intentionality and planning behind it. Supermarket Whole Foods has a Trends Council, a team made up of “some of the sharpest minds in food in beverage.” They are literally paid to research, travel and sample the newest and more popular foods and ingredients, which would be a terrific career if I didn’t already have a great gig writing blogs and planning events for FPC.

Here’s what the wise foodies on the Trends Council are predicting will be hot in 2022:

Yuzu is a citrus fruit cultivated in Japan, Korea and China. Due to the versatility of this tart, sour fruit, it has been used in everything from vinaigrettes to hard seltzer to mayonnaise. The lemon-lime flavor offers a bright accent to noodles, fish, and soups- a longtime hidden secret of restaurant chefs.

Traditionally found in teas, hibiscus is also expected to be a big flavor this year due to its high vitamin C content. “Now, producers are harnessing its sweet, tart flavor in the form of fruit spreads, yogurts, and beyond. Of course, beverage makers are keeping up, leaning on hibiscus to craft delicious drinks that adopt its signature hot-pink hue,” said the Trends Council.

Moringa (pictured above) will rise as a popular alternative to matcha. It is derived from a fast-growing and drought-resistant tree in Africa and is referred to as a “miracle tree.” Moringa is both flavorful and nutritious and can be used in powder form in smoothies, sauces and baked goods.

Last but not least, turmeric has been trending for a while, but it will only grow further in popularity. Turmeric is commonly found in golden milk lattes, but it’s about to branch out. You may start seeing it in cereals, sauerkrauts and even ice cream sandwiches! When you do, don’t forget you heard it hear first.

Which of these new flavors is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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