Optimize Your Packaging

You work so hard to build brand awareness- why not use technology to bring it to life? The goal is to attract new customers and keep them coming back by creating an emotional connection with your brand. Updating your graphics is a great way to stand out from your competitors! Whether you own a food industry business or create packaging for one, these tips can make a big difference. Read on!

  1. Connect Customers to Loyalty Programs

Do you already have a loyalty program? Print a link to the site on the packaging! Customers can join to earn points towards rewards like coupons and discounts. When it’s right in front of them while they are eating, they won’t have to remember for later, and will make it easy for them to take advantage of your program.

  1. Links for Additional Information

Ever since the pandemic, QR codes for menus are more popular than ever! Print codes right on your packaging so your customers can peruse your nutritional information and other promotional offerings. Again, they are more likely to do this at home, so capitalize on that and spur them into action! Rather than just another thing they have to throw away, utilizing your packaging to get them to connect on another platform adds functionality to your packaging that has never been possible before.

  1. Augmented Reality

Have you seen an augmented reality app? There are games that place Pokémon right in front of you and tools that show the actual size of a product. Print a link to an augmented reality app that makes your package come alive with a fun video. How about a video telling the story of how your business started? This will really appeal to the younger generations! You could also use the technology to animate your logo or brand character, so they come to life. If you don’t have any ideas, we have plenty!

  1. Cross-promotions

Cross-promotions with other food brands or your supplier can reap multiple benefits! Offering space on the package to one of your supplier partners may offset costs. By using the buddy system, your company and another both extend their advertising reach. Brand partnerships can offer new ideas to customers, and a co-packer may simplify their buying experience by grouping like products together. 

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Did any of these ideas inspire you? It would be great to hear about it! Our team is full of creatives, and we would be thrilled to share our ideas with you and help you design the best possible packaging for your business. Let’s chat- email crystal@fpcpackaging.com or call our office today!