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Is your company looking for an opportunity to give back this holiday season? Would that opportunity be even better if it was fun and engaged your employees simultaneously? If so, you are welcome to steal my idea- and no, it wouldn’t make you a Grinch! Take a holly leaf out of my playbook and create a Toss for Toys fundraising game for your office!

Our Toss for Toys game benefits the Off the Street Club, which we are always keen to support. Founded in 1900, Off The Street Club is Chicago’s oldest boys and girls club. They currently serve more than 3,000 kids in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, West Garfield Park, and offer them a safe place for play, study, and mentorship. Last year, we helped out at their boxcar derby and planned a holiday celebration for them; learn more about these events in our 2021 community service recap blog.

Off the Street Club has an online toy drive each year, and although clicking “Add to Cart” is simple, I wanted to involve our team and give them a tangible sense of the joy created by our donation. To achieve this, I purchased a holiday ring toss game from Target and created Toss for Toys!

I picked five toys between $5 and $25 off OTSC’s toy drive wish list. I assigned a toy to each of the five trees in the ring toss game and created a sign that explained the game. Every time a player successfully rings a tree, they add a tally to the sheet, and we donate one of the toys assigned to it. Every tree rung puts another toy in our Amazon cart. That’s it!

We are keeping this game up all week next to our Christmas tree, and the ForeFront team has enjoyed taking breaks to play the game, knowing every win will be a more meaningful win for a child in need. I hope this game inspires you to bring holiday cheer to your office and community!

Learn more about Off The Street Club.

Buy the Holiday Ring Toss Party Kit at Target.

Donate to the Off the Street Club Toy Drive from their Amazon wish list.

Download the Toss for Toys game sign.

Download the Toss for Toys tally sheet.