Optimize Your Packaging

After a long hiatus, Crystal’s Hat Tip to Great Packaging Design is back! (Yes, I am tired of dodging the slew of phone calls and emails begging me for my thoughts; the people have spoken.) This 2023 holiday brand partnership is terrific for its impact on hungry communities and its packaging design.

Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, the popcorn brand founded by the Jonas Brothers and The Naked Market, will partner with The Salvation Army this holiday season to support their Red Kettle Campaign. Rob’s Kettle Corn, a limited-edition flavor, is available now on EatRobs.com/RedKettle. The brand chose to produce kettle corn for this special partnership as an ode to The Salvation Army’s iconic red kettles. 100% of the proceeds generated by this limited-edition launch will be donated to The Salvation Army. They will also donate 100,000 bags of popcorn to food banks across the US for families and community members facing food insecurity.

Not only is Rob’s Backstage Popcorn’s brand partnership a very kind gesture, but it is also an exceedingly smart one. The Red Kettle Campaign has existed since 1891; read the history here. It seems the bell-ringing volunteers of the Salvation Army and their red kettles are outside every grocery store, shopping center, and street corner in the United States. Even if an American is unfamiliar with The Salvation Army, they have certainly seen the red kettles while doing their holiday shopping. Creating a solid red pouch with the visible Salvation Army logo is a perfect design choice. You want your product to be recognizable; the more people that resonate with it, the more people that are likely to buy it.

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