Optimize Your Packaging

Today’s blog goes beyond holiday packaging- we’re going to discuss my Favorite Celebrity Endorsement Campaign and how you can find yourself with one! PepsiCo’s sparkling water offshoot bubly and Michael Bublé joined efforts to release the limited-edition holiday flavor, merry berry bublé!

I love a good running joke, this gag about the similarity of their names has been running since 2019.  Michael Bublé is an ideal celebrity to endorse bubly’s products. He is a famous jazz and soul singer who is best known for his holiday classics; his 2011 album “Christmas” has sold over 12 million copies worldwide and is one of the most popular albums of the 21st century. There are no rough edges to this modern-day crooner; he is as sweet as whatever the Canadian version of American pie is. The fact that he is palatable to all age groups is a huge plus for bubly, and undoubtedly a key reason for selecting him.

Consumers tend to feel more obligated to make a purchase from someone they might trust, relate to, or idolize. While we don’t know most A-listers in real life, as fans, we feel a certain connection nonetheless and commonly honor that closeness with our buying power. A recent study found that celebrity endorsements can increase a company’s sales by an average of 4%, compared to its competition.

Considering a celebrity endorsement for your brand? It’s not as out of the park as you think! There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. What is a reasonable amount to spend? What kind of audience are you hoping to attract? Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind:

Budget It Out

Once you’ve decided how much to spend, it’s important to stick to that amount. To give you a rough idea on how much certain celebrities might cost, check out FamePick. FamePick is a platform that provides a searchable marketplace and connects businesses of any size with celebrities for endorsement. If you’re reaching a younger audience, micro-celebrities from TikTok, YouTube and Instagram might get you the right bang for your buck.

Target Your Audience

Before choosing your celebrity, research and identify the ideal persona of your buyer. What kind of consumers do you want to target? What size audience do you want to reach? Think about who your buyers are and what they like, and who would appeal to them. There are resources and tutorials online that walk you through how to create a buyer persona.

Find Celebrities Passionate About Your Brand

Whether it’s an influencer or a professional athlete, it’s all about finding the right candidate to fit your brand’s mission. Picking a celebrity that gets attention but is not connected to your product could backfire wildly—think about Kendall Jenner and PepsiCo. Consider famous people whose brand identity aligns with yours. It will be much easier to pitch an idea to them if it’s something they believe in!


Whether you’re considering an endorsement, a limited-edition release of your product or just looking for a solution to a problem, we are bubbling over with ideas. Give us a call today!