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If you’ve been following our blog, you may know our ForeFront team can get up to some silly hijinks… Our quarterly outing to the Brookfield Zoo this month was no different!

Last year, I wrote about how we adopted Cinnamon the Llama from the Brookfield Zoo through their Share the Care program. Ever since, Aleyna our bookkeeper has kept Cinnamon’s headshot on her desk, which she lovingly refers to as her shrine to the beloved llama. Cinnamon has been photoshopped into many team-related posters, and we finally met her for the first time on Sunday, June 12, where we captured the glorious group photo of our team with Cinnamon that is pictured above.

Besides meeting Cinnamon, we wandered the zoo to check out gorillas, giraffes, sea lions and caught a dolphin show in the afternoon. Poor Bryan got soaking wet after being splashed by a dolphin, and when we recapped our favorite moments during our Monday Huddle meeting, that was a highlight mentioned by several people.

We truly live by “work hard, play hard,” with a very literal interpretation of “play.” If you’re ready to work with a problem-solving packaging supplier that gets the job done well and has a team of kind and fun people, then we would be a great fit for you! Let’s find out, shall we? Give us a call at 708-836-1105 or shoot me an email at crystal@fpcpackaging.com to get the ball rolling. Cinnamon will vouch for us!