Optimize Your Packaging

As the world begins its slow trudge back to normalcy, I am very hopeful that we collectively decide to go back to being concerned with the recyclability of our packaging, especially single use. The paper industry has really taken a front seat at the sustainability table, and they are coming out with some pretty cool solutions in the near future. The paper packaging industry is expected to grow around 4.5% over the next 5 years, so let’s look and see where you could find paper replacing plastic at a store or delivery near you.

Up first, and I think this is a fantastic idea, we have paper stretch wrap. This is the stuff that wraps around pallets of good on their way to the big box stores and manufacturers. Mondi’s “Advantage Stretch Wrap” has all of the benefits and capabilities of the current plastic variety but is much more recyclable and will bring a whole new look to warehouses around the country.

Next up, we are going to look at inflatable paper cushioning. This will be a replacement from those little bags we all get in our Amazon packages as well as bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Utilizing 100% recycled paper combined with a compostable sealant layer made out of starch, this is the perfect way to maintain the level of protection your products need to make it to your customer safely while also making them think (and hopefully demand) that other retailers start using them as well.

Are you looking for recyclability in your brand’s packaging? It’s great PR for your brand while also being great for the environment. Let’s talk options! Give us a call at 708-836-1105 and ask for Nathan.