Optimize Your Packaging

PBJ- a classic winning combination. Goobers offers them together in one jar, and personally, that’s not for me. I find this new pouch from Split Nutrition much more appealing. We no longer need the knife, or even bread- if you’re gluten-intolerant like me and want to suck it straight from the pouch. (Just don’t do it in front of others.)

Jeff Mahin is a genius. That might be a strong word for an cyclist-turned-inventor, but he is in my book! Shockingly, until now, no one had created a convenient way to eat PBJ on the go. He consulted with Dr. Phil Goglia, a nutritionist who advises pro athletes, and they realized they could easily tweak the ingredients to include various nut butters and voila! Split was born.

This is a terrific example of how a packaging design must meet its concept idea.

Jeff wanted it quick and portable, so their first packaging ideas were either too impractical or too hard to manufacture. He was set on the idea of a pouch with a fold and a tear-off tab, but Prairie State Group worked with him to make this dream a reality. This pouch is special as it required a durable, stable multi-structure, high-barrier film that is stiff and yet easy to tear at the top. Despite all the challenges, Jeff, Dr. Phil and the PSG team pulled it off. Way to go!

Does your company have a unique idea that you aren’t quite sure how to pull off? Just like with this product, working with a hybrid supplier who offers a multitude of creative solutions is the way to go. Nathan is your solution guy! (That’s what I call our project manager.) Hit him up and I promise you, you will walk away inspired.