Optimize Your Packaging

By now you know I’m a creative person- and I LOVE when companies get creative and funny with their packaging. Today’s hat tip goes to Oreo for their INGENIOUS stealthy cookie packaging. You’ll be the new hide and seek champ of your house!

For you parents out there, don’t you hate it when your kids (or spouse) finish off the last of the sweet treats you were hoping to enjoy when they weren’t looking? Oreo has got you covered. They partnered with several well-known brands to create CAMOUFLAGED bags that disguise the cookies as something else. No one will think to eat them if they are hiding in plain sight! When your family is searching all of your hiding spots, they won’t think to open a bag of veggies in the freezer… or a cookbook on the shelf… or the Ford manual in your glove box. (Unless you drive a Subaru… then they might be suspicious!)

Along with these limited-edition snacks, Oreo is running a sweepstakes and will award $25,000 to the entrants with the best hiding spots. May the sneakiest parents win! At that point, they could just buy a safe to stash all their goodies. Check out their Instagram page for more details: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRT2dcQtQbr/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=3eeba19f-c1f7-417d-9646-1aa7fa5caa86

I really love this project. Clever, quirky ideas in food packaging are my favorite! It’s great for Ford, Hanes, Green Giant and Better Homes & Gardens- who wouldn’t want a little extra publicity? Oreo sells more cookies, and one lucky someone will win $25,000. It looks like the only ones who don’t win are the kids- but at least they have youth on their side.