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The Diamond Award winner in Dow’s 2021 Packaging Innovation Awards — O F Packaging (O F Pack) and its recyclable, high-barrier stand-up pouch for Brookfarm Toasted Muesli — offers a creative approach to flexible packaging sustainability and packaging design.

Called Roll ‘n’ Recycle, the Diamond winning package is a 100% polyethylene (PE) pouch that consumers roll up when the product has been consumed. A specially engineered sticker, which is attached to the pouch, is used to secure the rolled package. Typically, pouches are not able to be recycled in curbside bins. By rolling the pouch into a semi-rigid 3D shape, it enables the pouch to move through existing recycling processes without contaminating the paper stream, as other soft plastics sometimes do, and without affecting the turning mechanical parts within a material recovery facility.

This pouch is certainly a winner in our book! ForeFront Packaging is passionate about sustainability. If you are interested in recyclable pouches or other earth-friendly packaging solutions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 708-836-1105!

ForeFront Packaging designs and implements supply chain packaging solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save money.

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