Optimize Your Packaging

Have you ever joked that you wished your dinner would make itself? (Or am I the only lazy one here?) If your meal is this Chinese spicy noodle bowl, you are in luck! Whether you are just at home or camping in the wilderness with no access to a microwave, this instant mini-pot pot is self-heating and can be ready in 15 minutes with just a bit of cold water. Talk about fast food!

This Shufangzhai-branded hotpot includes a soup base, vermicelli pasta, veggies and seasonings. All the user needs to do is empty the sachets into the inner tray, add some water, place the heating pack in the red tub, pour a small amount of water over it, close the tub, and then wait 15 minutes for the exothermic reaction to heat the food contained in the tray. The heating pack swells and hardens, producing the heat that boils the water inside the closed pack, warming up the meal. “It is self-sustained, uncomplicated, and rather intuitive to use,” comments Pawel Urban, packaging analyst for GlobalData. “The pack provides a good-sized portion of a nourishing meal and requires no extra dishes or cutlery, making it even more convenient.”

This would be ideal for outdoor sports, traveling, camping, or if you’re someone like me who keeps snacks in their car. A quick Google search showed me there are other variations of this hot pot, and even YouTube videos demonstrating their use. The only downside I can see is that it is probably very spicy- and I contend that would be an upside for most people- and it’s not yet available in the United States. I can’t imagine why the billionaires of our country are more interested in going to space than developing more self-cooking meal options. They probably have people to cook for the people who cook for them… but fingers crossed that the US of A jumps on the bandwagon and starts our own line sometime soon!

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