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Silly activities are the most effective means of boosting team morale, experts* agree. Independence Day is the most famous holiday in July, but did you know that there are dozens of other fun holidays every day? July is home to meaningful days (Love is Kind Day, Global Forgiveness Day), goofy ones  (Guinea Pig Appreciation Day,  National Denise Day), and even a Barbie-in-a-Blender Day! The FPC PPC- ForeFront Packaging Party Planning Committee- picked a handful to celebrate with our team, and good golly, did we have fun this month!

Wednesday, July 13th was National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day. Our in-office team alternates our Spotify playlists in the afternoons, and the chorale music that day was a bit out of the ordinary… We created our own barbershop quintet and built a chord to sing our company name. It took about half an hour to create something usable, and the belly laughs throughout the process were much better than the final product. Please tell us what you think on our Facebook page here. Don’t worry- we are all sticking to our day jobs here at ForeFront.

Sunday, July 17th was National Tattoo Day, and we observed it the next day by turning our Huddle area into a DIY temporary tattoo parlor. From peonies to eyeballs to aliens, we all picked our favorites and had a blast being tattoo artists for a day. Check out our intimidating group photo above! These were long-wear temporary tattoos, and as I write this blog, I still have a snake and rose on my left forearm.

Last week was a house favorite- Everybody Deserves a Massage Week! We treated the team to an afternoon of massage from Chair Massage Chicago. The team was very excited about this event! When discussing the preferred level of pressure, our therapist noticed my (fake) neck tattoo and said many kind things about how tough I must be and the strength and tenacity of women… I did not correct him… but the massage was excellent!

The PPC will meet over brie and sparkling cranberry juice tomorrow to plan next month’s adventures. Our goal is always to laugh or learn something new, and no matter what we dream up, we know the team will grow closer together as a result, which is one of the keys to our success as a company! Our ability to collaborate and build on our ideas is one reason we are so good at finding solutions for our food brand customers.

Do you need a solid team to assist with your food packaging and supply chain needs? When you buy packaging with us, the team comes with it! Review our services page here, and if you have any questions, please reach out!


*Experts named Crystal Skipworth