Optimize Your Packaging

Check out this limited-edition ForeFront Packaging OREO! I designed it myself. 😊 It proudly displays our logo with matching sprinkles and is dipped in white fudge. If you were to take a bite, it has blue icing inside! Of course, this was all created virtually…

We’ve written before about the growing trend to create an immersive experience for your customers (here and here) and OREO has taken it to the next level with its custom OREO creation tool, OREOiD!

Start by choosing blue, pink or white icing, and you’ll move on to a choice of dip and sprinkles. Personalize your cookie with your own color photo, logo, or text! I am sure these custom treats will be popular at weddings and corporate events. “A Cookie is a Sometime Food,” according to the newly health-conscious Cookie Monster, but I think they’re great for every occasion.

Create your own OREO at their website here!

How are you making your brand interactive? Let us know in the comments! If you need us, we are full of sweet ideas! Reach out to us at 708-836-1105 or crystal@fpcpackaging.com.