Optimize Your Packaging

Remember our blog about bringing packaging to life and the one about specialized brand packaging for a personal experience? The Bored Breakfast Club has combined those two trends together in a brilliant new concept that features nonfungible token (NFT) illustrations on its coffee pouches.

Bored Breakfast Club is a subscription service that periodically ships a new whole-bean coffee blend, in packaging designed specifically for that blend, directly to consumers. An NFT is a blockchain-based digital identifier that certifies the authenticity and ownership of a digital file containing unique content, such as artwork. Bored Breakfast Club’s clever strategy marries those virtual assets to physical packaging. Although some of the blends are available to consumers paying with non-crypto payment methods, the brand’s business model favors club members — that is, Bored Breakfast Club NFT holders.

For all the product releases, consumers who own one of Bored Breakfast Club’s 5,000 NFTs qualify for a free “rewards” shipment. The brand’s NFTs were minted in January 2022, and the number of owners is currently 2,700. Printed at the top of the pouch, next to the tear line, is the phrase, “Tear to Ape In.” In NFT-speak, “aping in” means rushing into an NFT or cryptocurrency. I love the pun!

It’s impressive to see how NFT’s can create full-circle engagement between customers and brands. Want to create your own NFT project? Our project manager Nathan will be happy to answer any questions about crypto or NFTs and how they can work with your brand! Contact him at nathan@fpcpackaging.com or by calling 708-836-1105.