Optimize Your Packaging

Last year, global supply chains were driven to the breaking point by Covid-19. We wrote several times about the impact on the food industry: we described how we offered support to our customers, reported on logistics predictions and shared the newest trends that emerged as a result. The blockage of the Suez Canal was a cherry on top of the supply chain disaster sundae. In 2022, the Russia-Ukraine crisis is now replacing Covid-19 as the greatest risk to global supply chains.

Russia is a major producer of vital commodities like oil, natural gas, palladium and even wheat. Ukraine’s leading exports are wheat and neon, and the military conflict currently unfolding is casting doubt on the availability of these supplies. Palladium is a key resource in the production of semiconductors, and neon is used in making computer chips. “If a deal is not brokered in the coming months, expect the chip shortage to get worse,” said economist Tim Uy in his report for Moody’s Analytics. Read more at CNN.

In an uncertain world, your company’s best defense is preparation. Our proprietary inventory management system of food packaging analyzes recent usages compared to previous years to ensure you never run out of product. To offer protection in the event of a product shortage or freight delay, our local warehouses manage hundreds of items plus safety stock in case of such an emergency. Just yesterday, there was a freight delay related to a freak storm, and Bryan personally drove to the warehouse in his own pick-up truck to hand-deliver a pallet to a local bakery in need. These are just a few of the many benefits our customers get from utilizing our system– except Bryan’s Delivery Service, which is rare and might cost you a piece of Packers-related merchandise. Please review our services page to learn more and reach out to me at crystal@fpcpackaging.com if there is an immediate need or question. I will steer you in the right direction!