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Service Spotlight is a new series where I share a true story of how we solved a problem for a current customer. I will highlight a different service every week. Here’s the story of Brenda!

Brenda had a problem: As the president of a wholesale bakery, she needed a new way to sell bread. Her vision was that customers would be able to create that fresh baked bread smell themselves. By utilizing a parbaked version of their famous bread customers could purchase the loaves at the grocery store and then finish baking them at home! This required a film that could withstand being baked in an oven, and had to run perfectly on their production line and ensure that the bread inside was baked to perfection… It had to be a triple threat! and she wasn’t sure if it was possible…

ForeFront Packaging had a solution: As her supplier for over 30 years, she reached out to us for some help. We requested samples from ten film suppliers and met with them to discuss their offerings and capabilities. After reviewing all the samples and specs, we worked with her production team to test the samples and went on-site to watch them run on their machine. We then went to their test kitchen and tested them out. Two of the three options worked perfectly, and they were thrilled! We went back to our suppliers and leveraged our long-standing relationships with each of them to get the best solution for her specific needs.

Brenda and her team were extremely happy and impressed with what we were able to pull together for them. Not only did they not have to do any of the legwork themselves, saving countless hours for their team, but they relied on our industry knowledge to guide them in the process and were especially pleased to have multiple choices. The parbaked bread in bakeable film was a hit and inspired several other new product launches. Brenda is confident that she can always come to us with a crazy idea, even if she has no clue if it’s possible. We will do our best to make our customer’s dreams a reality!

Let us know how we can help. We design and implement simplified supply chain packaging solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save them money.

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