Optimize Your Packaging

Service Spotlight is a new series where I share a true story of how we solved a problem for a current customer. I will highlight a different service every week. Here’s the story of Peter!

Peter had a problem: During the pandemic, he wanted to launch two new products for his bakery and needed three new types of packaging for them. It was a short timeline, with less than five weeks- which was technically possible- but they were coming out with a brand-new design… and this was in 2020, amidst all the material shortages and freight delays. We met with him to discuss his preferred timeline and the options we could offer to meet that timeline. Peter’s bakery wanted to put a carton inside of a bag, which they had never done before, and there were some initial issues with sizing and placement of graphics. There were a lot of details to figure out, but Peter was already a customer of ours and he knew we would be able to pull this off somehow.

ForeFront Packaging had a solution: We had a third-party custom-make a single bag three times until it was the correct size. This allowed us to ensure the carton fit in the bag with the correct graphic placement before our customer wasted money ordering bags that didn’t work. The lead time for a project with artwork changes would be about five weeks, but because of our relationship with our vendors, we were able to pull some strings and get all the artwork updated, have new samples made and approved, acquire all new printing plates and have the bags created on a truncated timeline to deliver the week before Thanksgiving. Peter was thrilled he could have his newest products available on the grocery store shelves before the holiday shopping!

Now, it’s important to note that we are not wizards. We are very, very good at what we do, and while we can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat every time, we do everything we can to manage our customer’s projects on a timeline that works for them. When you purchase straight from the manufacturer, they tell you what they can do, which may or may not be what you really need. However, when you order packaging from a supplier who is aligned with your project timelines, you have a packaging partner who cares about your products. We are as invested in your ideas and success as much as you are… and when there is alignment, then the real magic happens.

Let us know how we can help. We design and implement simplified supply chain packaging solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save them money.  

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