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Service Spotlight is a new series where I share a true story of how we solved a problem for a current customer. I will highlight a different service every week. Here’s the story of Mark!

Mark had a problem: he would continuously run into issues with his artwork. Over 15 years as the head of the marketing department, he had created many designs for his brand and many versions of each design. With no way keep it all stored properly and safe, he was in trouble. Every month he wasted valuable time trying to locate the correct files. Because Mark didn’t have an established process, he would sometimes have trouble determining which version was the correct one. This held up the approval process or allowed it to move forward with the wrong artwork on a few occasions. Unfortunately, one day his hard drive crashed, and he lost years of art files.

ForeFront Packaging had a solution: we were able to step in and provide Mark’s company access to our web-based platform that is specifically tailored for the food packaging industry. Utilizing this artwork management and collaboration platform, we neatly and securely store every version of every design. We manage all aspects of the preproduction specifications and project lifecycle to remove the bottlenecks that otherwise would hold up production processes. In addition to secure file storage, we have a detailed history of communication and approvals between our team and the vendor with dates and important notes that are kept in a clean and easy-to-follow profile page.

Now, Mark has access to any version of their artwork and can ask questions straight to the designers. Mark’s team can compare and review old and new artwork side by side or one on top of the other to see all the revisions more clearly. With their artwork secure, Mark and his team feel much more comfortable making changes in the new process. Mark now has the time to focus on what he is really good at- promoting his brand and getting his products into more stores!

Let us know how we can help. We design and implement simplified supply chain packaging solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save them money.  

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