Optimize Your Packaging

Service Spotlight is a series where I share a true story of how we solved a problem for a current customer. Here’s the story of Mary!

Mary had a few problems. As the purchasing director of a large tortilla manufacturer, she was responsible for ordering film and planning production. This job became a nightmare during the pandemic and only seemed to get worse… She didn’t know where she could get film next or what the pricing would be, and her suppliers refused to work within her timelines. One supplier required a purchase order minimum that she couldn’t afford to pay up front, nor did she have the room to store at her facility. It was a challenge to allocate film due to ever-increasing lead times, and scheduling freight was as frustrating as it was expensive. When making business decisions, Mary always felt she had to choose between the lesser of two evils and was at wits end, unsure of what step to take next.

ForeFront Packaging had solutions. After reviewing her issues with ForeFront, Mary was able to see that her planning process was severely lacking and that she was not ordering with enough lead time or with enough volume to make her problems go away. By analyzing her usage over the past year, we were able to help her determine her best course of action, and for the first time in two years, she felt relief. She started ordering at a higher volume and utilizing our local warehouse, which reduced the amount of space in her facility that had been taken up by packaging—and found that her spend decreased significantly!

Utilizing our IMS, Mary places orders farther in advance and pays by the released quantity at a compelling price point, which was a huge burden off of her shoulders. She has a team of dedicated supply chain experts on her side, sending weekly inventory levels and advising her of any impending issues or price increases so she can take full advantage of her purchasing power. Mary realizes favorable cash flow because of our inventory management. When she needs to change bag dimensions, film types, or meet any new challenge, we work with her every step of the way!

Let us know how we can help. We design and implement simplified supply chain packaging solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save them money.  

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