Optimize Your Packaging

Service Spotlight is a series where I share a true story of how we solved a problem for a current customer. Here’s the story of Maria, the purchasing director of a local Mediterranean food manufacturer!

Maria had one problem that turned into several… During a routine audit, their insurance agent told her company they were storing too much inventory onsite. The inventory levels were far beyond what was covered, and it was considered a fire hazard. They needed to fix it immediately or lose their insurance.

She needed:
– A solution to her excessive inventory
– A local warehouse to store it
– A system to manage it
– And easy access to it!

ForeFront Packaging had a solution: We researched local warehouses and visited three different options. We found a location 10 minutes away from their plant and signed a contract on their behalf to store all their packaging materials offsite.

Now, they can place a release for precisely what they need and pick it up with their trucks anytime, day or night. Not only was their problem solved, but they used the newfound space in their warehouse for another two machines, which more than doubled their production!  

Let us know how we can help. We design and implement simplified supply chain packaging solutions for food brands that free up time, reduce stress, and save money.  

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