Optimize Your Packaging

It’s said that a business is only as good as its team, and teams that work together well are crucial to a company’s success. For this to happen, your team must understand each other! Each employee on your team has a different personality, perception of the world, and decision-making process. Just as people have different behavior styles and motivations, they also have different ways of digesting information, receiving criticism, conveying their thoughts, and so on. The first step towards working better together is to get to know the working styles of individual people within the organization.

BestWork Data and Predictive Index are two assessments we utilize to analyze the skill set of each team member. We share that data amongst the team to help them work better together. After hiring, our newest hire has one-on-one meetings with each team member to get to know them and their working style. To keep our best work practices fresh in our minds, I led a training session last week to review the “do’s and don’ts” for each ForeFront employee. Discussion style and time management preferences were two areas we covered. I highly recommend doing this activity for your team.

“What is your most important advice for the team on how to work best with you?” is a question you should ask every team member. I asked our team to develop four best practices for working with them and created a set of flashcards for the team to use and reference. Check out my card below as an example. Everyone felt validated and hopefully learned a few new ideas for improving working relationships with each other. We are an elite, highly collaborative team, and working together effectively is especially important! Every process we handle for a customer flows seamlessly from one department to the next, from the account manager to the inventory manager to our accounting department. We strive to be an efficient, well-oiled machine that ultimately serves the needs of our customers without a hitch. Regardless of the inquiry, we always get back to them within the hour, and the ForeFront team could not achieve this high level of customer service without a thorough understanding of each other.

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